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Suncom, has been a highly organized Master Agency for over 20 years offering their agents a great way to sell and configure customer solutions utilizing the full spectrum of Verizon services and solutions.

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Growing Industry

We have worked with our agents as the telecom industry has evolved from simple phone lines with long distance services to voice over internet (VoIP), and now the surge in interest is in Cloud Computing.

Experts agree that the Cloud is here to stay and over 90% of companies are using some form of cloud computing and we all need to be an educated expert on this new booming technology.

With Suncom as your educator and partner at your side we can design a strategic Cloud solution for you and your customers. At Suncom we provide our partners and agents with the expert knowledge, support, and solutions to serve their customers as business technology experts and guide them through the land of cloud technology.

Partner for Success

We educate and help our partners succeed in business and in return the businesses that we are trying to help will succeed and benefit from our partnership with you as the agent.

We are in business to help the agent and any business that we are introduced to and that’s what makes Suncom and our agents a great success.