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Scalable Cloud Solutions
for Businesses of Any Size & Budget

In the past, building an internal IT infrastructure used to cost big bucks & a dedicated team of staff.  Verizon Cloud Computing solutions, once only afforded to large Fortune 500 companies, have now become cost effective for your business. Upgrade, integrate and leverage big data capabilities for your mid-size business. 

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  • Cloud Storage & Computing

    Enterprises need more than generic cloud solutions to meet their needs.  Verizon offers you the level of customization that your business requires.

  • Cloud Onboarding & Professional Service

    Moving applications to the cloud can be complex and the learning curve steep.  We provide the upfront planning, migration tools & an experienced staff of experts to guide you through the process.

    Verizon provides this flat-rate service so you can get to market faster, more securely, and help avoid any costly interruptions along the way.

  • IT Infrastructure

    Whether you need to improve customer engagement, reduce startup time, or support the growing global consumer environment or just expand your current e-commerce setup our experts can guide you on the right technology to expedite the process. 

    Verizon will protect your Critical data from being lost or corrupted, by encrypting, de-duplicating, and securely transmitting it for off-site storage. 

  • Big Data Analytics for Mid-Size Business

    The instrumentation of nearly everything on the planet is creating a rising tide of data, both traditional structured data and unstructured content from video, email, social technologies and more. Analytics can turn this “big data” into the kind of insight that enables companies to stand apart.

    What used to only be available to enterprise level firms can now be attained in the cloud. Many of the most technologically advanced startups have leveraged cloud technology to compete with larger industry rivals.

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